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About Us

Welcome to Eeva IP Services, your trusted partner in patent law. We specialize in providing expert advice and services to businesses, ensuring the protection of their innovative ideas and intellectual property. Let us help you navigate the complex world of patents and safeguard your future success.


Why Eeva..!

  • 12 years of committed work.
  • Representing 2500+ Patent applications at IPO.
  • 17,500+ Trademark matters handled since 2012.
  • 5,000+ Patent searches conducted.
  • Worked on 25,000+ Patent illustrations jobs.
  • Supporting 5000+ Individuals/ Inventors, Start-up's and MSME's in India.
  • Helping IPFC's and EDC's of top institutions; enabling them identify and file IP's.

Our Services

IPR Services

Eeva's IPR services encompass Patent filing, and prosecution, Trademark registration, Copyright protection, and comprehensive Intellectual property management solutions for businesses worldwide.


Certification Services

Eeva offers certification services including Startup India recognition, Udyam registration, Income Tax exemption certificate for startups, and ISO certifications.

Management Team

Srinivas Maddipati

Managing Director, IP Attorney

Srinivas Maddipati, founder and Managing Director of Eeva, is a registered India Patent Agent with 17 years of IPR domain expertise. A Mechtronics Engineer with a Law degree, he's also an author, startup consultant, and mentor, shaping Eeva's path with his multifaceted expertise and leadership.

Bramara Maddipati

Director, Trademark Attorney

Bramara Maddipati, Eeva's Director and registered Trademark Attorney, brings over 16 years of IP experience. Specializing in trademark application prosecution, she advises clients on global brand strategies, playing a pivotal role in Eeva's success. 

Vinay Kumar Puvvala

IP Attorney

Vinay Kumar Puvvala heads our IP Litigation team, boasting 17 years of IPR expertise. As a registered Trademark Attorney and advocate, he represents top Indian business brands. Vinay is also an author, entrepreneur, startup consultant, and mentor, offering invaluable insights and guidance in the field of intellectual property rights.


Ravi Krishna Bolli, CA.,

Thanks to Eeva IP services for providing best services. The always answer all our queries and give good suggestions related to our inventions, brand names, and copyrightable works. All the best to team Eeva.

Molleti Lakshman

They understands you well, your requirements and they importantly build the relationship throughout the journey to take your ideas. They helped me in all the way related to my patent and trademark registration. Very much experienced, professional and it is completely smooth walk for me after choosing EEVA team.

Dr. Mamatha Tirunagari

The team of EEVA patent is excellent. They are professionals in handling Pharmacy patents. We used their services for getting an Indian utility Patent grants and Design registrations. All the very best to team Eeva.

Dr Deevan Paul

Eeva, I come to know this patent services company from my colleague and the people here are very professional with good quality work. They feel very responsible while answering our doubts and making our patent information more reliable than we expected. Special thanks to the team and Srinivas for all the support they offered me behind.

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